Pinewood Derby Racing


We love the Pinewood Derby and want to share our experience and technology with your group. We will setup the track, manage the race, and make it fun for everyone involved.

Our service will allow you to have a worry-free race event. Our setup includes a 4 lane track, electronic timers, sounds, instant replay, projected race results, loops and an announcer. All of this for a very affordable rate.

Pricing per Race Event

The rate includes the following:

Setup of the track
Use of the pinewood derby track and loops
Use of the speaker and microphone system
Use of a projector and projector screen
An announcer to manage the race
Take down of the track
AND travel expenses to your location


For groups with 6 to 20 racers.....$100

For groups with 20 to 30 racers .... $5 per racer

For groups with 30 or more racers .... $2.50 per racer

For Car Shows or Promotional Events … Call Spencer at 208-243-1054 for a quote

Why This Service Is Awesome

Here is what you can expect from our racing services

4-Lane Track

The race track is a four lane aluminum which allows 4 cars to race against each other. Each racer will race each lane 2 times for a total of eight races for the event.

Sound Effects

With every race, we play NASCAR racing sound effects to enhance the racing experience. Also include is live dynamic announcing of the races.

Instant Replay

At the end of each race, we display in slow motion all the cars crossing the finish line. This is displayed on a large 100 inch projector screen so everyone can see it.

Timed Races

The finish line is an electronic timer that records time to the thousandth of a second. All the times are then sent to the computer scoring program.

Circles of Death

After the races are completed, we insert a two-lane loop system to see which cars can survive the loops.

Multiple Groups

Our racing software allows multiple groups to race at the same time. Then it creates a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd standings for each group.

What You Need to Host a Race


The ideal location is inside a building on a level gym floor about 45 feet long. During the summer, we can do outside races under shelters on a level surface.


We need to know the names of all the racers that will be racing. Please include the names of everyone that has been invited to the event.  


You will need to provide seating arrangements for all the spectators of the race. Here is a layout that works best for most locations.  


You are responsible for weighing all the cars and ensuring they are following the race rules. A typical pinewood derby car should weigh 5 oz or less.


We require a power source to run the race track, laptop, projector and printer.


Setup an agenda of how your meeting will run and when the race will take place. You can download a generic agenda from here and then modify it to your meeting.